Thursday, August 23, 2018


STAX Records legend David Porter's Made in Memphis Entertainment LLC, announced that it has acquired Heavy Hitters Music Group LLC, a company which specializes in music synchronization and licensing of music into film, TV, advertising, trailers and promos.  The acquisition will give Heavy Hitters Music access to the post STAX catalog of Hall of Fame Songwriter David Porter, in addition to a deep bench of emerging songwriters signed to the MIME Music Worldwide publishing company.

The stock purchase of Heavy Hitters Music, based in Glendale, CA, fits into the growth strategy of Made in Memphis Entertainment, by bringing strong industry relationships in the licensing of music for film, television and advertising. “The reputation strength of Heavy Hitters Music in general, and Cindy Badell-Slaughter, in particular, made this acquisition a no brainer” said David Porter, CEO of Made in Memphis Entertainment. Through this acquisition, Heavy Hitters Music will be able to continue to meet the licensing needs of its Artist clients, while having the opportunity to now expand the range of retail, radio, touring and brand partnership opportunities available to these artists. 

Cindy Badell-Slaughter, President of Heavy Hitters Music stated that “what this means for Heavy Hitters Music and MIME songwriters, composers and artists, is that together we are stronger.  We will have a wider variety of expanded licensing opportunities in sync, as well as added label services through MIME’s distribution channels covering terrestrial and digital radio, retail and digital distribution.  Bill and I, and our Heavy Hitters Music team, will continue to run Heavy Hitters Music. All day-to-day operations will remain the same.”

“This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to bring a great brand under the MIME banner, offer sync as an additional service to our distribution clients as well as solidify our core publishing team” said George Monger, Director of Business Development for Made in Memphis Entertainment. “The acquisition also adds to our capacity and geographic presence to offer comprehensive label services to independent artists and labels. Made in Memphis Entertainment is looking for other synergistic elements to their overall business strategy.

About Made in Memphis Entertainment and Heavy Hitters Music 
Made in Memphis Entertainment LLC, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is a vertically integrated entertainment company comprised of a record label, commercial recording studios, traditional music publishing,  production music companies, distribution,  record label services and venture investment in  music technology platforms that democratize the landscape for the benefit of independent artists and labels. To learn more information about Made in Memphis Entertainment visit

Heavy Hitters Music, based in Glendale, California, has been a lead provider of vocal and instrumental songs serving the Film, TV and Advertising industry since 1992.  As a true pioneer in the business of providing independent artist music and songs to the film and television industry, it is one of the first catalogs assembled specifically for the purpose of providing great indie songs that "work to picture."To learn more information about Heavy Hitters Music visit

The Made In Memphis and Heavy Hitters Music team
L-R George Monger, Sarah Schriner, Tony Alexander,
Cindy Badell-Slaughter, Elizabeth Eason, Bill Slaughter


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Holiday 2017


Fill your holiday scenes with warm, fun, radio quality music. 

We have Contemporary Pop, Jazzy, Rock, and Traditional versions of all your favorite Christmas & Holiday Songs!

                        Contemporary Holiday                   Holiday Jazz

                            Rockin' Christmas                  Traditional Holiday


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Emotive Singer-Songwriter - Spotlight on Daniel Duke

"His distinctive voice veers between Ray LaMontagne at his earthy and world-weary finest and David Gray at his most bittersweet and emotive."

Listen Here

Heavy Hitters Music is proud to introduce Northern Ireland-based singer-songwriter, Daniel Duke. From busking the streets of Belfast to appearing on The Voice UK, this Irish troubadour has won first place in the folk/singer-songwriter category of the 2015 International Songwriting Competition and was voted Best Unsigned Male Artist in the 2016 Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. Daniel's warm, emotive voice paired with his heartfelt, reflective and poignant lyrics are the perfect pairing to enhance any scene, promo or ad.


Similar To:

Ed Sheeran
David Gray
The Lumineers

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Powerful Electro-Pop

“Empowered electro-glam pop music which crackles with romantic energy and throbs with a real sense of purpose...guaranteed to set your heart racing and make your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”
-Now Playing Musik  

Heavy Hitters Music
is proud to introduce Chicago-bred singer, songwriter and producer, Ian Everson. Reminiscent of Zayn, his music is infused with powerful pulsating electro beats, drops and stops, enriched with a sexy, edgy vibe.
Everson has released a self-produced EP and also wrote/appeared on Los Angeles DJ duo Boombox Cartel's 2015 hit "B2U", which has racked up over 4 million plays. Everson now resides in Los Angeles where he continues to hone his skills as a performer and songwriter.  His cutting edge music hums with a sharp, vibey, seductive pulse, perfect for Ad Campaigns or parties.


Electro Pop
Dance Pop

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Jason Derulo

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Artist BRKLYNN: Sexy, Lush, Cinematic

Heavy Hitters Music is proud to introduce LA-based singer/songwriter, Brklynn. Her music, produced by the remarkably talented Alex Koch, is intensely lush, atmospheric and cinematic, employing elements of Pop, EDM, and R&B. It’s made for chilling or the perfect seduction. If you love Lana Del Rey, you’ll love Brklynn.

Listen HERE

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kathryn Dean, The TVD First Date

Our artist Kathryn Dean recently spoke to The Vinyl District about her first experience listening to music on vinyl and how it inspired her as a songwriter and music listener. 

“The measured ticks and tacks of a turn signal in an otherwise quiet car. The pitter-patter of rain on the skylights of my childhood home. Pretty much any word that passes through Morgan Freeman’s lips. These are among the few sounds in the world that can calm me to my very core even without actually having to hear them. Just the thought of these sensory sensations is able to render my mind silent in a way that no mind-body-based or breath-focused guided meditation ever has.” 

 “However none of these things even hold a candle to the sound a record player makes in the seconds after you drop the needle on the outermost edge of a vinyl record and just after the final notes of the last song of both the A and B sides of the record. That static alone was enough to make me buy a record player for myself at age 16 with the money I had saved from babysitting. It was and remains the best impulse purchase I have ever made.

After two months of my record player pretty much just sitting on my desk because the only record I had was some indie band’s album that I bought on a friend’s recommendation, and try as I might I just could not get on board, my brother gave me what I consider my first album. It was the Sigh No More album by one of my favorite bands, Mumford & Sons. That album got me through one of the darkest periods of my life and I can still remember the countless nights spent lying on the carpet in my room, staring at the ceiling, listening to the record on repeat, only being pulled out of the trance I was in when it came time to flip the record over.—Kathryn Dean

I never truly realized the power of music to help you escape your own warped reality and to make you feel like you are not alone until I heard the album’s final song, “After The Storm” coming through my record player’s speakers. Despite having heard the song plenty of times before getting the record on vinyl through headphones and car speakers, it was only when I heard it the way that I have since come to believe music is supposed to be heard, on vinyl, that the booming kick drum felt like a heartbeat, and that the lyric, “There will come a time, you’ll see/ With no more tears/ And love will not break your heart/ But dismiss your fears/ Get over your hill and see/ What you find there/ With grace in your heart/ And flowers in your hair,” pierced through the fog in my mind and resonated with me.

It was that feeling that I was left with as the static sounded after the song ended that made me want to be a songwriter, and for that I am forever grateful. I have even added the sound of vinyl static to the beginning and other select parts of one of my new, not yet released songs, “Broken Home’s Daughter” so that those of my fans who have never experienced that feeling can hopefully feel that same effect.
I have felt like such a proud parent—which at 20 years old is not a frequent sensation that I experience—seeing the resurgence of vinyl records in the past few years. While I have used the phrase, “how can this be considered music” a few times, if I referenced my favorite artists and bands, the average listener will have probably at least heard of most of them, so I do not feel that I can truly be classified as a music snob (like say John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity).
That is why even my fellow Top 40 radio listeners should feel comfortable taking my word on the matter when I declare that despite all of the advances made in speakers/sound systems and consumer headphones, that nothing beats vinyl when it comes to sonic quality. I get that record players and their accompanying record collections take up more room than an iPod/iPhone does and that they are heavier to carry around, but unless you have access to a professional recording studio, you are not hearing your favorite music the way that its creator(s) intended for it to be heard.
Not only that, but having a working record player on display is like having 18 year old scotch in your liquor cabinet—it makes you seem more refined and creates the perception that there is more to you than meets the eye. Whether you make the switch for the sound quality improvement or for the extra style points, know that you are making a great investment.”
Kathryn Deans’ forthcoming full length album produced by Chris Seefried (Andra Day, Lana Del Rey, Fitz and the Tantrums) arrives in stores this fall. Hit the Lights is available now.

Friday, August 19, 2016

New Summer Placements on “Some of the best TV you’ll see this summer—or all year.”

“Some of the best TV you’ll see this summer—or all year.”
—Vanity Fair
After a woman is found murdered, a young Pakistani-American man faces an avalanche of evidence against him. But is he guilty?

Heavy Hitters Music has placed 3 songs on HBO's riveting new eight-part crime drama, The Night Of, starring Riz Ahmed who can also be seen in the latest film of the Bourne series, Jason Bourne.

Dark and sinister urban track "Blaze Up Spots" by Tommy Speed was featured in the premiere episode on July 10th.

Gritty, confident Hip-Hop track "The Earth Revolves" by Poepan was featured in episode 5 on August 7th. (Get the song on our "Music As Heard On Your Favorite Shows" album)

The traditional Middle Eastern "From Mountain To Sea" by Arashk Rafiee feat. Mohamad Reza Hedaya was featured in episode 7 on August 21. (Get the song on our "Music As Heard On Your Favorite Shows" album)