Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our song "Phone" featured and performed on NCIS by Academy Award winning actor, Keith Carradine

Our song "Phone" by John Cate was featured and performed on episode 11x17 of CBS' hit show NCIS by Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actor, Keith Carradine. Carradine played a washed up 80's rocker, while Cate also appeared on the show as one of his band members.

In a Yahoo interview, Carradine spoke highly of Cate's song "Phone":
"There's also a terrific song that this fellow, John Cate, wrote called 'Phone,'" Carradine says. "The refrain is, 'When the phone don't ring, I'll know it's you.' It's a pretty clever song. We actually went in, and I put my vocal on it, which is what they use in the show."